Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour Information

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Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour Package Service Information

Tour and trekking Mount Rinjani Lombok is walking up to 50 km that encompass the entire route trekking on Gunung Rinjani, with more than 10 km descent and ascent, which is usually done in a few days.

Trekking Mount Rinjani can be done:

  • By using the services of a local Mount Rinjani Trek organizer Sembalun or Senaru, which allows you to really enjoy the scenery, take lots of photos and walk with only carry a small backpack (day pack) that contains personal needs which weighs about 5 kg. Camping equipment, foods and drinks were all carried by porters.
  • Hike to Mount Rinjani can be completely alone (independent): You bring all the food and camping equipment itself. This option gives you more freedom to arrange follow desire, your ability and go where you like can be done whenever you want.

Information Trekking Rinjani Mountain

In general, trekking to Mount Rinjani is open from early April until the first or second week in January. It is advisable to book hotel rooms in the village of Senaru or Sembalun corresponding ascent path to be traversed, especially if you are going to climb on a high season between mid-July to mid-September.

At the beginning of the climbing season is the quietest and most beautiful because the entire savanna and trees are still green on all treks in the pass, but be careful of the rainy season that may still exist that make the trek all the way from Crater rim Sembalun to the lake, from the lake to crater rim Senaru until Post 2 Senaru to be slippery and in some places frequent landslides, and do not forget to bring a rain coat … important.

Wildlife on Mount Rinjani

The wildlife in Mount Rinjani is composed of several types such as long-tailed black monkey (lutung) local designation, gray Monkey common in Lombok and many met at the edge of the crater near the camping area, forest dwellers and the Deer are sometimes seen along the trek to crater rim , wild pig and a variety of colorful birds live in the forests of Mount Rinjani National Park.

Camping Equipments

Mountain climbing equipment such as tents, trekking shoes, jackets, trekking poles, head lamp, sleeping bags, cookware and other mountain climbing equipment standards, shorts and flip-flops is also important to be bring. Especially for sleeping bags and clothing in order to pack in containers that waterproofs very important, if at any time it rains.

rinjani family trekking

Do not forget to bring enough drinking water and to register Your identity and pay an entrance fee at the Rinjani Trek Centre Senaru if you hike via Senaru village or at the Rinjani Information Centre Sembalun if you climb via Sembalun village.

Mount Rinjani Trekking Map here

Trekking Mount Rinjani Routes and Description

You have many choices when climbing Mount Rinjani, from 1 day experience climber to 4 days beginners climber.

Here are some different suggestions that can assist you in determining the choice of climbing Mount Rinjani :

  • You can go alone for sure capable and experienced of mountain climbing.
  • You can bring your own equipment, food and water but doubt the ability, you should use a guide or ask for advice.
  • You do not want to bother carrying equipment, food etc. Rinjani Trek Organizer please contact Us.

1. Mount Rinjani Trekking via Sembalun and Description

Mount Rinjani Hike 2 days to Summit

For experience climber or you are in excellent stamina.

Day 1SembalunPost 1 Pembantauan - Post 2 Tengengean - Post 3 PadabalongCrater Rim Sembalun7 hours (Normal)
Day 2Crater Rim SembalunSummit Rinjani - Crater Rim Sembalun - Post 3 Padabalong - Post 2 Tengengean - Post 1 PemantauanSembalun village10 hours (Normal)

Complete description Rinjani trekking 2 days to Summit Rinjani here

Mount Rinjani Hiking 3 days Summit and lake

For experience trekkers or you are in good level of fitness.

Day 1SembalunPost 1 Pemantauan - Post 2 Tengengean - Post 3 Padabalong Crater Rim Sembalun7 hours (N0rmal)
Day 2Crater Rim SembalunSummit Rinjani - Crater rim SembalunSegara Anak Lake7 hours (Normal)
Day 3Segara Anak LakeCrater Rim Senaru - Post 3 Senaru - Post 2 Senaru - Post 1 SenaruSenaru Village8 hours (Normal)

Complete description Rinjani trek 3 days to summit and lake here.

Mount Rinjani Trek 4 days Summit and lake

This program suitable for beginner trekker

Day 1SembalunPost 1 Pemantauan - Post 2 Tengengean - Post 3 PadabalongCrater Rim Sembalun7 hours (Normal)
Day 2Crater Rim SembalunSummit Rinjani - Crater Rim SembalunSegara Anak Lake7 hours (Normal)
Day 3Segara Anak LakeCrater Rim SenaruPost 3 Senaru4 hours (Normal)
Day 4Post 3 SenaruPost 2 Senaru - Post 1 SenaruSenaru Village4 hours (Normal)

Complete description Hiking Mount Rinjani 4 days to summit and lake here.

2. Mount Rinjani Trek via Senaru route the description here

Rinjani Samalas Tour & Trekking Senaru, assign the travel time on Mount Rinjani above may be changed in accordance with the respective speeds of the hikers and the weather during the climb to Mount Rinjani.

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