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Mount Rinjani Trekking Information

Welcome to Rinjani Samalas Tour & Trekking website, offer best Mount Rinjani Trekking information, tour and trek packages to Mount Rinjani Lombok with professional trek organizer, guide and porter Senaru. Focus on providing a safe and nurturing environment full of fun, adventure, and discovery who you truly are. Our aim is to provide services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction to lead all the group of the trek and ensured that each person in the group gets the maximum enjoyment out of the trek, and maintain a friendly atmosphere at all times. we will do everything we can to meet your expectations, with a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be a happy tour with us. See our clients reccomend and Review On Trip Advisor Who been Hike To Mount Rinjani With Our Teams, And Give Us Excellent Rates Of All The Services.

Rinjani Trekking information

Trekking Mount Rinjani Lombok Indonesia is about walking up to 50 km with more than 10 km descent and ascent route and usually done in a few days from 2d/1n to 5d/4n by using the local services Trek organizer from Senaru or Sembalun. This option will allow you to really enjoy the scenery, taking lots of photos and walk with only carrying a small backpack (daypack) that contains personal needs which weigh about 5 kg. Camping equipment, foods, and drinks were all provided and carried by our porters. Administratively the Mount Rinjani is in the Regency of North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Indonesian It rises to 3,726 meters, making it the second highest volcano in Indonesia. The park is popular for mountain climbs and trekking and represents an important nature reserve and water catchment area. The mountain and its satellites form the Mount Rinjani National Park or Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani. In 2008, the Indonesian government proposed to UNESCO that Mount Rinjani be one of the world’s official geopark.

Trekking Mount Rinjani Season

In general, trekking to Mount Rinjani is open from early April until the first or second week in January. It is advisable to book hotel rooms in the village of Senaru or Sembalun corresponding ascent path to be traversed, especially if you are going to climb on a high season between mid-July to mid-September.

At the beginning of the climbing season is the quietest and most beautiful because the entire savanna and trees are still green on all treks in the pass, but be careful of the rainy season that may still exist that make the trek all the way from Crater rim Sembalun to the lake, from the lake to crater rim Senaru until Post 2 Senaru to be slippery and in some places frequent landslides, and do not forget to bring a rain coat … important.

Wildlife on Mount Rinjani

The wildlife in Mount Rinjani is composed of several types such as long-tailed black monkey (lutung) local designation, gray Monkey common in Lombok and many met at the edge of the crater near the camping area, forest dwellers and the Deer are sometimes seen along the trek to crater rim , wild pig and a variety of colorful birds live in the forests of Mount Rinjani National Park.
Mount Rinjani Trekking Information

Rinjani Trekking Package Service

We Offer Private Package & Sharing Package to Explore Mount Rinjani Summit, Segara anakLake, Hot Spring, and Crater Rim Senaru, This is the most popular trekking package via Senaru – Sembalun village, from 2 days to 5 days, Designed for your comfortable.

Here are the most popular and reccomended packages :

  • The fastest time to the peak of rinjani is 2 days 1 night, Start hike via sembalun village to sembalun crater rim on the first day and day  two up to the top of Rinjani and down to sembalun village, this package suitable for experience trekker or someone who does not have much time. Reads More
  • For the full package, we offer package of climbing rinjani 3 days 2 nights, Start hike via sembalun village to sembalun crater rim on the first day and the peak rinjani, segara anak lake and senaru crater rim on the second day, then down to the village senaru on the third day. This package is suitable for experienced climbers. Reads More
  • For beginner trekker, for the full package, we suggest 4 days and 3 nights, Start hike via sembalun village to sembalun crater rim on the first day, and the 2nd day climb to the top of the rinjani then down to the lake, and the third day to climb the senaru crater rim, Then the 4th day from senaru down to senaru village, this package is perfect for beginner climber and suitable for those who want to add time off, this package is very relaxing. Reads More
  • We also offer package climbing rinjani 3 days 2 nights Segara anak lake, climbing from senaru to the senaru crater rim on the first day, and day 2 down to the lake segara anak, then to the hot springs, and return to senaru crater rim, and day to 3 down to senaru village. This package is also suitable for a beginner climber, because this package is not to the top of rinjani, just into the crater of rinjani in to segara anak lake. Reads More
  • And the shortest package is a package of climbing rinjani 2 days one night climbing from senaru to the senaru crater rim on the first day and the second day down to the village senaru. this package is perfect for beginner climber or someone who does not have much time.Reads More

We Offer full package service with all inclusive : Pick up from any location within Lombok and transfer by private vehicle to Senaru & Sembalun, Accommodation in a comfortable hotel in Senaru or Sembalun for one night prior to commencing your trek, Quality camping equipment: tents, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, camping chair, toilet tents and pillow, An experienced English speaking guide and professional porters, Visit Sendang Gile & Tiyu  Kelep waterfall  In senaru on arrival day or after trek, All meals, snacks, fruits & drinks on your trek, Transfer to your next destination within Lombok  Island, Gift certificate trekking to Mount Rinjani 3.726 meters

We provide standards as high, in most cases higher than most big trekking and travel companies, but we applicable prices. we had spent a lifetime trekking, Mountaineering, peak climbing, hiking, sightseeing tour on Mount Rinjani. It’s our pleasure to present Eco-Friendly Trek as a member of Trekking Organizer Association with highly experienced, knowledgeable and expertise in tourism since many years. We ‘re absolutely familiar with the destinations we offer

Mount Rinjani Trekking can be done:

  1. By using the services of a local Rinjani Trek organizer Sembalun or Senaru, which allows you to really enjoy the scenery, take lots of photos and walk with only carry a small backpack (day pack) that contains personal needs which weighs about 5 kg. Camping equipment, foods and drinks were all carried by porters.
  2. Hike to Mount Rinjani can be completely alone (independent): You bring all the food and camping equipment itself. This option gives you more freedom to arrange follow desire, your ability and go where you like can be done whenever you want.

Mount Rinjani Ascent Route

Serious trekkers should explore the options of staying on the Rinjani mountain for 3 nights or more with a planned trek that takes in the crater rim, down to the lake shore, the absolute summit and more. Such treks normally start in either Senaru or Sembalun however in the last couple of years some other routes have opened including the Benang Stokel, Timbanuh and Torean routes.
Rinjani Trekking Route
Senaru Ascent Route
This is by far the most used route as it allows the (relatively) less strenuous trek to the crater rim only. You start at an elevation of 600 m in Senaru village, normally in the late morning or early afternoon and make the 6 hour ascent to the crater rim before dark. First part of the trek is through tropical rainforest. Look and listen out for the lutung, or black monkey, swinging through the trees in the late morning. They are extremely shy, unlike for the common macaques which may gather near rest stops waiting for scraps. The route passes through POSII at 1,500 m, breaches the treeline at 2,000 m (POSIII) and then it is a bit of slog up gravel paths to the camp site just below the crater rim at 2,600 m. There is no clear path at the last section nearing crater rim, at an incline of 45 degrees. There is a POS Extra after POS 3, but it is pretty much gone, and the remaining bits have been chopped up by porters as firewood.

If that has not sapped all of your energy you can then make a very precarious descent down to shores of the crater lake and bath in the hot waters. You need some confidence to do this as it is a steep descent of 600+ m using handrails and ropes.

And then it is back to Senaru the way you came. Local guides claim going down is faster, but speed varies for individuals. Patience is vital for first timers, as it can get frustrating watching porters sail past you with their load balanced on one shoulder, clad in slippers or even walking barefoot. Descent from POS Extra to POS 3 can be slippery when weather is dry, as scree tends to give way under your feet. From POS 3 to POS 2, the descent can take 1.5 to 2 hours, as savannah grasslands fades away, and the humidity and heat from the tropical rainforest begins to set in. Useful tip: request for guides to cut out a wooden trekking pole if you did not bring a trekking pole with you. It will be extremely handy during the descent, especially when legs are aching from the strenuous climb.

There is an option to go on to Plawangan II where you overnight again before making the ascent to the absolute summit. This is not especially recommended from the Senaru side though. If you want to get to the top, the climb to Plawangan II is best made from Sembalun.

Sembalun Ascent Route
Starting in the morning from the Rinjani Trek Centre in the village, the climb to Plawangan II at 2,638 m will take about 8 hr via POSI (1,300 m), POSII (1,500 m) and POSIII (1,800 m). Starting altitude is 1100 m, so there are no humid conditions to deal with. First half or more of the trek is literally a breeze. The trek through savannah grassland is windy and easygoing, with gentle ups and downs, and the only obstacle to look out for are the “cow pats” deposited by the villagers’ cows along the way. Rolling hills and amazing scenery help to ease the tiredness, unlike the enclosed tropical rainforest of Senaru route.

From POS 2 to POS 3, the climb is still manageable. The challenge for Sembalun route is from POS 3 to POS Extra, as the uphill gradient can be 50 degrees at times. Young children will find this section challenging as some steps are set quite far apart. Cooler weather up here may give the impression that the body does not need fluids, but do drink more to prevent altitude sickness setting in. Strangely, there is a guy selling cold drinks for those who crave it. Overnight at the campsite here and go for the summit starting at 3 AM the next day. You need to be well rested as this is a stiff task – the final climb is nearly 1,100 m on difficult ground.

Mount Rinjani Trek Equipment

Mountain climbing equipment such as tents, trekking shoes, jackets, sleeping bags, cookware and other mountain climbing equipment standards, shorts and flip-flops is also important to be bring. Especially for sleeping bags and clothing in order to pack in containers that waterproofs very important, if at any time it rains.

For your comfortable, We provide quality camping equipment such as tents, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, camping chair, toilet tents, trekking pole, and pillow on your trek.
Mount Rinjani Trekking Equipment
If you require any further information. Please feel free to contact us and we will respond quickly as we can.